Initial Naturopathic Assessment

Your first visit is from an hour to hour and a half-long session, which provides plenty of time for naturopathic doctor to fully understand all of your health concerns and goals.

A complete physical exam will be performed during this visit as well. The information obtained during this visit is essential because it allows to understand the root of your current condition and to create an individualized treatment plan to address your health concerns, so please be prepared to talk about yourself a lot.

Please come for your appointment 15 min in advance to fill out the Patients Intake Form. You can print out Patient Intake Form (below) and fill it out at home. Bring in copies of any laboratory results that you may have. This will help us better understand your health condition and create treatment plan.

Follow up Visits

Any subsequent visits are generally 30 to 60 minutes in length to re-assess patients condition and to continue educate patient of healthy living. Follow up may also include any of naturopathic treatment modalities, such as diet and lifestyle counselling, botanical therapies, supplements, homeopathy, acupuncture, physical therapy or parenteral therapy.


Naturopathic visits in Ontario are covered by most extended health insurance plans. Contact your provider to find out the details. If you do not have one you can claim a health care credit from your income tax.

Please download and complete the form below and bring them with you to your initial visit.

Intake Form | Consent Form